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Learn how the CFOs and finance organizations in insurance companies are succeeding with modern financial performance management. To learn more about what IBM performance management solutions can offer CFOs and finance organizations, read the IBM white paper:

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Sinclair Risk & Financial Management | Auto Insurance |

Auto Insurance

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management maintains that packaging a sound personal Auto plan is only the beginning of the client relationship. Our team of friendly, professional experts takes time to find out what drives you when you drive your car, enabling us to suggest meaningful strategies to mitigate many of the associated risks on or off the road.

After careful consideration of your needs, we will create a comprehensive program to protect you and your vehicle from unforeseen damages and injuries, with features such as:

Liability Coverage
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
Medical Coverage
Collision Coverage
& More!

The road to protection begins with us.

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Connecticut Financial Management I Cost Saving Tips to Purchasing Business Insurance

CT Commercial Insurance

Superior Strategies for Measurable Results

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management is not your typical independent insurance agency. We tailor insurance products to protect your business against unforeseen losses — and we’re excellent at doing so. But we go way beyond just the policy.

Our goal is to help mitigate losses in the first place to protect the value you’ve created in your business — whether you’re a large construction company, multinational food processor, or a local enterprise. As your advisor, we’ll make a tangible difference to your business by providing you with a better understanding of the exposures and liabilities that exist in your daily operations and implementing programs to safeguard against them, minimize losses, reduce claims, and ultimately provide significant opportunities for savings.

In addition to our risk management services and the Risk Safeguard AdvantageTM platform we created, we’ll also make sure that you have the insurance you need, selected from top-rated companies that offer customized and enhanced coverage options at competitive prices.

Our commercial lines solutions include:

Alternative Risk/Captives
Property Insurance
International Insurance
Liability Insurance
Commercial Auto
Workers Compensation
Surety Bonds

Your success is our success.

At Sinclair, we’ll develop creative, unique solutions that are in step with an ever-changing and challenging economic landscape that affect your business, insurance and risk management strategy, and profitability.

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The Roles Business Ethics Play in Financial Management Proces… : Investment & Insurance Questions

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Business ethics play a very important role in a wide variety of different professions. Find out about the roles of business ethics in financial management processes with help from a certified financial planner in this free video clip.

Expert: Roy Larsen
Bio: Roy Larsen founded Larsen Wealth Management, LLC in late 2005 with a very clear vision of the kind of firm he wanted to create.
Filmmaker: Wesley Morris

Series Description: You always need to do a great deal of research before deciding where and how to invest your hard-earned money. Get answers to your investment questions with help from a certified financial planner in this free video series.

Part 3b of 5: Risk/Financial Management For Insurance Ratin

On Nov. 13, 2012, Standard & Poor’s published new analytic criteria for assessing and scoring management and governance for insurance and nonfinancial corporate enterprises. In this CreditMatters TV segment, Director Ron Joas explains our approach to evaluating insurance companies’ financial management and how this fits into our overall management and governance assessment. Ron also contrasts the approach with our existing enterprise risk management analysis.

Insurance, Risk Management & Hedge Funds (Documentary)

This is fourth of five part story of Western Finance system. Invention of Insurance, Risk Management and Hedging businesses is narrated by learned Harvard Professor and Historian.

The Vision Capital reproduce this series to its clients, and affiliates purely for educational purposes and doesn’t intends to earn money by this reproduction. If any conflict of interest is found, please contact us at
Start-Up TV is initiated by Syed Haroon Haider Gilani (@haroonhaider) the founder of The Vision Capital to educate the People who want to organize or operate business. World know such people as Entrepreneurs. The Vision Capital is an Investment start-up that is focused on the Developing and Under-developed markets to create the prosperity and peace. Besides, The Vision Capital, Haroon Haider is founder of Ziyafat Foods, The Vision Corporation, Haroon Haider Edible Oils, Yathrib Basmati Rice, The Vision Media & Publication, and Bayti Establishment for Industrial and Trade.

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Financial Management – Lecture 10

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Sinclair Risk & Financial Management | Condo Insurance |

Condo Insurance

Many people say that one of the perks of owning a condominium is that others are responsible for the requisite maintenance. Imagine their surprise upon learning that, in the event of certain types of damage and loss to the condo, the responsibility falls to the condo owner.

The experts at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can explain what’s protected (and what’s not) by the association, and help you to secure the complete coverage you need to insure your condo in the event of a future loss.

We can help you when looking at insurance for your condo.

(877) 602-2305

Fine Jewelry Insurance: Sinclair Risk & Financial Management

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management specializes in Fine Jewelry Insurance. Check out our website for more information on our Jewelry Floater Plans at or call us at (203) 265-0996.

TOTAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT(PROPERTY,INSURANCE,FD,EQUITY) is a stock market Advisory website owned by Pankaj Jain Who is also the founder of IMM (Institute of Money Management) where Trainees are trained and equipped with the tools of technical analysis to study the market. The main advantage of technical approach for Stock analysis is that it is more fast, accurate and easy to learn as compared to the Fundamental Analysis. Another Major Advantage is that it doesn’t change for different markets and same technique can be applied to all segments like cash shares, futures, options, stock market, equity market, commodity market as well
as the forex market. It can be even processed similarly for national exchanges like nse, bse, mcx, ncdex as well as the global exchanges like wall street, dow jones etc..,
We here at IMM aim to not only teach you the technical tools but also help you in their practical implementation and help you develop a self-based of self-created trading system that will help you to create regular and good profits in the market. So here we not aim for Trainees but for professional traders and brokers that are expert in their field.
And I think that is our greatest strength because theoretical knowledge can be obtained from many sources but the practical implementation of the knowledge comes from mistakes and here we help you gain the practical knowledge by helping you avoiding the basic mistakes and learn from the mistakes of other and hence reducing your losses.Complete lesson for total financial management= equity,metal,fd,post office,insurance,real estate details.
money management (how to retire financially in after age of 40.