Part 3b of 5: Risk/Financial Management For Insurance Ratin

On Nov. 13, 2012, Standard & Poor’s published new analytic criteria for assessing and scoring management and governance for insurance and nonfinancial corporate enterprises. In this CreditMatters TV segment, Director Ron Joas explains our approach to evaluating insurance companies’ financial management and how this fits into our overall management and governance assessment. Ron also contrasts the approach with our existing enterprise risk management analysis.

Insurance, Risk Management & Hedge Funds (Documentary)

This is fourth of five part story of Western Finance system. Invention of Insurance, Risk Management and Hedging businesses is narrated by learned Harvard Professor and Historian.

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Financial Management – Lecture 10

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Sinclair Risk & Financial Management | Condo Insurance |

Condo Insurance

Many people say that one of the perks of owning a condominium is that others are responsible for the requisite maintenance. Imagine their surprise upon learning that, in the event of certain types of damage and loss to the condo, the responsibility falls to the condo owner.

The experts at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can explain what’s protected (and what’s not) by the association, and help you to secure the complete coverage you need to insure your condo in the event of a future loss.

We can help you when looking at insurance for your condo.

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Fine Jewelry Insurance: Sinclair Risk & Financial Management

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management specializes in Fine Jewelry Insurance. Check out our website for more information on our Jewelry Floater Plans at or call us at (203) 265-0996.

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money management (how to retire financially in after age of 40.

How to Choose the Best Medicare Supplement

Everyone on medicare knows the government program will not cover all the medical expenses they may incur. In fact, medicare requires that retired persons purchase an supplemental insurance to provide extra coverage. A couple of months before the medicare signup deadline, which is usually the first of December, seniors will get a medicare supplement packet in the mail. This information includes a large booklet with information about the various supplement plans, how much they cost and what services are covered.

medicare supplemental insurance quotesUnless the recipient is new to the program, they already have a plan in place which they may choose to stay with. It is recommended that each recipient review all the information in the package to decide whether they want to stay with their current plan or choose another one that seems to fit their needs better. The different plans vary in cost and coverage, and seniors have the option of not signing up for any supplemental coverage at all. Your best bet is to compare medicare supplement quotes with a good website like, where you can look at a variety of plans and services.

The cost for the supplemental insurance is deducted from the retiree’s social security payment each month, so they do not need to worry about sending in monthly payments. This is convenient for seniors since they tend to be somewhat forgetful. There are a limited number of plans that do not have any monthly charges at all, but they are very limited in the additional services they cover.

Getting Vision Coverage with Your Medicare Supplement Quotes

Only the very basic vision and dental services are covered under medicare and most supplemental plans, but it is possible to purchase additional coverage one year at a time. This makes it possible for seniors to have more extensive dental or vision work covered at a very reasonable cost.

Understanding Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

What is guaranteed issue life insurance and what is it all about? This type of policy is quite unique when compared with other insurance coverages, especially considering the fact that when applying for it, the insurer asks no questions about your health. All they inquire about is your age; which is why it is also commonly referred to as no exam life insurance.

Guaranteed Issue Life InsuranceBefore you go into a frenzy and start running for the guaranteed-issue application, it is important that you understanding a few things first. Right now, you may be thinking that this option is way better than standard life insurance. Right? Not really! The truth is, it may not be as rosy as you think. As with any insurance, you will always get services worth the money you are paying; and the same applies with a guaranteed acceptance policy.  With this life insurance option, premiums are usually more expensive. At the same time, the benefits may not be so lucrative. Most policies stand between $5,000 and $50,000. The good thing however is that there is no need to take any medical tests. The beauty of guaranteed-issue life insurance is that you can still request a quote even if other insuring companies have turned you down.

When Should You Purchase Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Wondering whether or not to go for this form of insurance? Well, if no other insurance option is working for you and have been turned down by many insurance companies, then by all means this is the coverage to go for. However, if you are viable in acquiring other insurance coverages, then it would be advisable to try your luck with those.

However, despite being refused, that doesn’t mean that you stop seeking/asking for regular life insurance cover quotes. Premiums for life insurance are usually calculated by an accountant or actuary. Even if you were refused, you could still find an insurer that offers the unfortunate a chance to get a regular life policy.  The key is to work with an agent who knows exactly when you should get one of these policies.  We found the agents at to be very effective and discerning when a guaranteed acceptance policy was in order.

As it is when looking for any insurance coverage, always make sure that you request several life insurance quotes from several companies for comparison to get the best-priced policy.

How To Become Financially Independent In Three Steps

If you are overwhelmed by bills and you can’t survive from one paycheck to the other without borrowing even more money, here’s a brief guide you could follow to improve your situation and eventually become financially independent. It won’t be easy, but the reward of being worry-free is surely worth the trouble.

The first step in becoming financially independent is to get rid of all debt. Write down all loans you have and rank them from the one with the highest interest rate to the cheapest one. The ones that are in the head of your list need to be paid off first, so treat them with maximum of attention. 

If you have a credit card debt, that’s probably very expensive. You need to pay more than the monthly minimum if you want to get rid of it within a reasonable amount of time. Sticking to the minimum will mainly pay the interest to the lender, leaving you in debt for many years to come. 

It comes without saying that you shouldn’t touch your credit cards again. Just pay off slowly but surely what you owe and avoid reusing those cards. It’s a good idea to shred them to pieces, if you can’t resist the temptation.

The next step to your financial independence is the avoidance of all late fees. You must pay all your bills in time, otherwise you’ll only help those institutions to get richer and richer. Make an effort, give up everything you don’t really need, at least until you manage to get rid of the more expensive debt.

The last and most important step is to save money each time you get paid. Specialists in personal finance recommend to put aside about 15% of everything you earn. Just set up a second bank account and have the money directed straight into it, so that you aren’t tempted to spend it. 

In time, you’ll see that you’ll manage to have a nice emergency fund you’ll be able to use instead of all those expensive loans that made your life a nightmare.